QVA mastering service is an affordable audio mastering, production and remixing solution which aims for high quality end products. Lead audio engineer Jordan Peter Whiteley, has over 20 years hands on experience in many areas of music and production which he continues to expand upon through ongoing client relationships, remix productions, composition work and a constant focus on client satisfaction with end products. whether aimed at the 'louder is better' ideology of today's producers, or the full dynamic range, detail and liveliness of classic recordings, QVA aims to meet the demands of both digital and physical delivery formats whilst fulfilling the expectations and hopes of clients. 

as a musician with an emotional investment in your work, it means a lot that you've brought your audio to the point where you're happy with how it sounds. you want to know that you're choosing an engineer who comes not just from a school of technical knowledge, but comes also with a background of creative and musical experience. at the final call before your audio is distributed, it deserves to be handled as a craft, not rushed through by an automated number cruncher. 

QVA works to craft the sound each client desires, and to lovingly bring out the best of each production, regardless of genre. Not only that, but when clients don't know the sound they're hoping for, QVA has worked to present ideas until the client hears exactly how they want their work to sound. At QVA, the creativity is versatile... and so is the audio!

welcome to QvA.
quality (noun)
the texture of a tone which distinguishes it 
from others. an essential, inherent or distinctive 
character which sets it apart from those of an otherwise similar appearance.
amplitude (noun)
the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation,
measured from the position of equilibrium.
the loudness or energy of a sound.
audio mastering
audio production
remixes & composition
the last stage of preparing audio for distribution to your listeners. the stage where sonic quality is tweaked to meet a standard of sound which best details your work for its broadcast in mutliple formats without issue.
looking for a fresh take on your work?
whether you compose in rock, pop, ambient, meditation, sound world, trance, classical, club or metal, jordan can bring out the character you want your work to have, or even reimagine it in another genre! 
want to hear your track remixed in a way you may not have thought it could be?
jordan loves taking a song and giving it an unexpected re-treatment, often transforming it from one genre to another entirely.